The Winery

The winery was established by Nira and Alon Zadock in 2000 on the family´s agricultural plot on moshav Kadesh barnea . The winery is a boutique winery, defined as a family winery which doesn´t produce more than 100,000 bottles.
 In its present format the winery produces 50,000 bottles, while each bottle receives the ultimate love, treatment and attention.
The winery is located in a roofed structure which includes all the latest wine technology to carry out the processes of pressing, fermentation and aging in American and French oak wood barrels.
 The wine remains in the barrels for 10-18 months, allowing the wine time to soften and mature.  This is the time that the wine develops its character, aroma and uniqueness.  Every few weeks the wine is checked and tasted until the wine tasting team decides it is time to drink…